Blessed Children’s Hope Foundation operates on the generosity of its sponsors and for this fact we are truly grateful.


Quite often we hear that a person has always wanted to do something like this but never knew how to get started. 


We realise that there are many things that come into a person’s mind when they think of sponsoring a program such as ours.  Let us address a few of these common concerns for you.


Is this a scam?

We encourage you to go through out Website and Facebook pages thoroughly so that you can see for yourself who we are and what we do.  Be sure to read testimonies from people who have been here to visit us and seen the work of BCHF firsthand.  Some of these people will even be available for you to contact to discuss their BCHF experience with you.


How much of my money will make it to where I intend it to go or will it be eaten up in fees?

The relationship between BCHF and our sponsors is a direct one.  We are not a huge organisation that uses up sponsors’ funds in administration fees.  Generally, you transfer the funds directly to us through one of several different methods. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the transfer fees that certain banks or money transfer institutions use but when your money reaches us, it is ALL used for the purpose that you intended it for.


I would like to help but I am not sure that I can commit to a monthly amount

Blessed Children’s Hope Foundation realises that circumstances can change in a person’s life from month to month and this may sometimes hinder their ability to keep their sponsorship commitment.  This is the reason why we have structured our sponsorship in such a way that YOU choose the amount that you know you can comfortably afford to send each month.  This way we can count on your help and you will be confident that you can keep your commitment. This will help us to budget our funds efficiently.  Alternatively, you may wish to donate to a certain project whenever you have the funds available to do so.



Child Sponsorship

We have some children permanently in our care and our doors are open to those in need or find themselves in emergency situations.  You may wish to sponsor a specific child, or you may wish to support the Child Sponsorship Program that takes in children in emergency situations.


School Resource Program

Our school needs provisions such as books, pencils, rubbers, rulers, chalk, uniforms and other stationery items.


School Feeding Program

At Benevolent Hope Academy we provide students with a cooked lunch each day.  For some of our students this will be the most nourishing and filling meal that they eat that day.  We realize that students cannot learn when their stomachs are not satisfied which is why this program was implemented.


Other ways you can support Blessed Children’s Hope Foundation

All the following will further assist in making a difference in the lives of suffering children in Africa. 

You can: 

  • Encourage family and friends to become involved with Blessed Children’s Hope Foundation
  • Plan to visit us – either alone or with friends / family
  • Support our Projects: Agriculture Project; Building Projects – classroom; dormitory; library; kitchen; computer room; administration block; Purchase a School Van; Purchase a Computer; Support a Teacher; Support Table Banking Initiative
  • Support our widows by: Purchasing goats and chickens or building a house 


Monthly Sponsorship Fee:

  • Child Sponsorship – $30 USD
  • School Resource Program – $20 USD
  • School Feeding Program – $20 USD


Other Sponsorship Fee:

  • Agriculture Program – $500 USD
  • Building Projects – $6500 USD
  • School Van – $25,000 USD
  • Purchase a Computer – $500 USD
  • Support a Teacher (Monthly Wage) – $150 USD
  • Support Table Banking Initiative – $500 USD
  • Purchase a Goat – $50 USD
  • Purchase a Chicken – $10 USD
  • House for a Widow – $500 USD

Please see our  DONATIONS page for ways to send your sponsorship money to Blessed Children’s Hope Foundation

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