As a non-profit organisation our focus is to reach all, as we care for disadvantaged children and their guardian families. With the assistance of volunteers, child sponsorship and support partnerships we can foster and continue to grow our current projects.

Our Projects are the lifeblood of Blessed Children’s Hope Foundation.  Without them we wouldn’t be able to continue delivering services to the disadvantaged members of our local community. It takes extraordinary people who want to do something, we need more people to make our project a success. We are so grateful to all those special people who have given generously to our work whether it be through visiting us, supporting us with their skills or sponsoring us through financial donations.

Would you like to become involved with us? If so, please take a look at some of our current projects:


One of the most creative but logical and time-proven ways to provide food and a healthy diet for disadvantaged children is through agricultural projects. The idea is to give a source of food while teaching children life-sustaining skills rather than short-term relief.

We are ideally situated in a rural site which is perfect for agricultural endeavours.

With an Agricultural Project, the children learn basic techniques and responsibilities of farming and free enterprise. After the dietary needs of the children are met, excess produce can be sold at the marketplace, offering additional training and experience in micro-business and basic finance.

Benevolent Hope Academy

The Benevolent Hope Academy offers year-round care and education to the community’s disadvantaged children. Since its opening, our school has continued to grow and become well-known in the community. We are continually receiving enrolment applications. In each of our classrooms changes occur to countless children’s lives every year. Our school is now a lighthouse for the entire community.

School Feeding Program

As Benevolent Hope Academy is providing an education to the disadvantaged children of the community, we can assume that many of our students are not receiving sufficient nutritional sustenance from home.
It is a well-known fact that children learn best when their stomachs are full. With this in mind, our school has created a feeding program that offers a cooked meal every day for each child attending our school. This is our way of knowing that children can maximise the education that is being provided to them.
Unfortunately, the School Feeding Program is not funded or even subsidised by any outside agency and is therefore wholly dependent on the support of our sponsors.

Medical Services

Accessing medical services in Kenya has been a huge problem among the disadvantaged members of the community. This is because the nearest health facility is over 10 kilometres away and, with no means of transport, many people opt for traditional medicine for their sick relatives which causes many people to die. As our response to combatting this problem we conduct medical camps in our Health Facility where community members can come and be treated for all illnesses.


At Blessed Children’s Hope Foundation, we are committed to ensuring there is plenty clean water for use in the community. Everyone deserves to have clean and sanitary water for drinking and cooking. We identified the need for a water well when it was witnessed that the community was using unclean water for drinking and cooking. We can provide some clean water for use, but it is not enough. Clean water means a healthier village.